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IT recruitment

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As recognized experts in IT recruitment, skybris advises specialists and executives in their career progression and supports companies in their search for qualified IT professionals.

Learn more about what sets us apart and how we ensure sustainable success.


Our consultants have substantial expertise in IT recruitment and communicate with clients and candidates at eye level. By focusing on specific areas of expertise, we have a profound understanding of the individual needs of our stakeholders. Our sound market insights enables us to provide comprehensive support as well as to build trustworthy and sustainable partnerships with clients and candidates.

passion & enthusiasm

We put our heart and soul into our work and go the extra mile for our clients and candidates. We are happy to face new challenges and always deliver with full commitment.

professionalism & respect

We are aware of our responsibility. It is therefore important to us to understand and respect goals, ambitions, and expectations as well as to ensure a professional and trustworthy collaboration.

personal network

Collaborative partnerships are based on trust and honesty. They are key factors in operating successfully and sustainably in the market. Over the years, we have continuously established and maintained our network of personal contacts on both our candidate and client side.

areas of expertise

Azure, TensorFlow, SIEM, Docker, SCCM, Python, M365? We are familiar with the latest technologies in IT. By specializing in clearly defined areas of expertise, we possess the relevant knowledge to hold discussions on a professional level, understand individual needs, and thus to create trust.

active sourcing

We are experts in identifying and addressing potential candidates and use our profound understanding of the Swiss IT market in a targeted manner. Our deep insights behind the scenes of numerous companies provide us with valuable background information with which we know how to arouse the interest of the individual target groups.

talent pools

We manage 34 specific talent pools and are continuously expanding them. Candidates in the talent pools meet clearly defined criteria in terms of work experience, education/training, professional skills, and personality. A prerequisite for inclusion in a talent pool is a personal contact between our consultants and the candidates.